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Second Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission, 1983-2004

List of archived ARCIC-II documents, 1983-1986
Unpublished items are embargoed 30 years

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Status of agreed statements
Agreed statements have been agreed by the dialogue members and submitted to the sponsoring churches for study.
These texts express the careful considerations of the members of the dialogue but are not official statements of either of the churches.

Copyright in minutes, statements and other core papers is owned by the Commission and requests for extensive quotation or use should be directed to the co-Chairs. However, copyright in papers by named authors remains with the author.

ARCIC-II-1 (1983) Programme for ARCIC-II, together with some notes on it.

ARCIC-II-2 (1983) Text of press release on the establishment of ARCIC-II, 13 June 1983.

ARCIC-II-3-1 (1983) Letter from Anglican Co-Secretary to Anglican members outlining the work of the first meeting of the Commission.

ARCIC-II-3-2 (1983) Letter from the Roman Catholic Co-Secretary to Roman Catholic members outlining the work of the first meeting of the Commission.

ARCIC-II-4-1 (1983) “Mutual Recognition of Separated Ministries and Churches” by Henry Chadwick.

ARCIC-II-4-2 (1983) “Obstacles in the Way of the Recognition of Ministries” by Edward Yarnold, SJ.

ARCIC-II-5-1 (1983) “Justification by Faith: Some Anglican Concerns” by Bishop Donald Cameron.

ARCIC-II-5-2 (1983) “Problems of Contemporary Ecclesiology (with some references to ‘Justification’) by John Thornhill, SM.

ARCIC-II-6-1 (1983) “Developments in Anglican/Roman Catholic Relations in England” by Mary Tanner.

ARCIC-II-6-2 (1983) “ARC/North America: An Overview” by Bishop Raymond Lessard.

ARCIC-II-7 (1983) Minutes of the First Meeting of ARCIC-II: Venice, 30 August – 6 September, 1983.

ARCIC-II-8 (1983) “The Ecclesiology of Reconciliation: 1) Salvation and the Church: Group A”.

ARCIC-II-9 (1983) “The Ecclesiology of Reconciliation: 1) Salvation and the Church: Group B”.

ARCIC-II-10 (1983) “The Ecclesiology of Reconciliation: 2) Steps towards full Communion: Group C”.

ARCIC-II-11 (1983) “The Ecclesiology of Reconciliation: 2) Steps towards full Communion: Group D”.

ARCIC-II-12A (1983) Press Release (Draft).

ARCIC-II-12B (1983) Press Release – FINAL VERSION

ARCIC-II-13-1 (1983) Excerpt from the Report of Join Commission of the World Methodist Council and the Roman Catholic Church (second series, 1972-75) (known as the “Dublin Report” 1976).

ARCIC-II-13-2 (1983) Excerpts from third series of meetings of the Catholic/Methodist International Commission, 1977-81 (“Honolulu Report, 1981).

ARCIC-II-13-3 (1983) “Report of the Lutheran/Roman Catholic Study Commission on ‘The Gospel and the Church’ (from Lutheran World Vol. XIX, No. 3, 1972).

ARCIC-II-13-4 (1983) “Justification”: an extract from Anglican/Lutheran Dialogue: The Report of the Anglican Lutheran Regional Commission, Helsinki, August-September, 1982 (SPCK 1983).

ARCIC-II-13-5 (1983) “The Doctrine of Justification in the Lutheran Dialogue with Other Churches” by Harding Meyer (from One in Christ, 1981-82).

ARCIC-II-13-6 (1983) “Joint Statement on Justification” (from The Report of the Lutheran-Episcopal Dialogue, Second Series 1976-1980, Forward Movement Publications, 1981).

ARCIC-II-13-7 (1983) “Justification by Faith” by the Lutheran-Roman Catholic Group in the U.S. (Published in Origins, NC doc. Service, Oct. 6, 1983, Vol. 13, No. 17).

ARCIC-II-14 (1983) Catalogue of ARCIC-II-papers.

ARCIC-II-15 (1984) “Church and Salvation – Scriptural” by John S. Pobee.

ARCIC-II-16 (1984) “Church and Salvation (on the Sacramentality of the Church)” by J.M.R. Tillard. OP.

ARCIC-II-17 (1984) “Justification. A Brief Introduction to Some Difficulties and Obscurities relating to Anglican and Roman Catholic Teaching” by Alister E. McGrath.

ARCIC-II-18-1 (1984) “Remarks on the Sacred Congregation of the Faith’s ‘Observations on the Final Report of ARCIC'” by an Anglican sub-committee of the Anglican-Roman Catholic Dialogue of Canada, March 9, 1984.

ARCIC-II-18-2 (1984) “Remarks on the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’s ‘Observations on the Final Report of ARCIC'” by a Roman Catholic sub-committee of the Anglican-Roman Catholic Dialogue of Canada, April 8, 1983.

ARCIC-II-19-1 (1984) “Justification by Faith: A Perspective” by Henry Chadwick.

ARCIC-II-19-2 (1984) “A Brief Comment on Dr. Chadwick’s paper” by Edward Yarnold, SJ.

ARCIC-II-20A (1984) Draft from St. Albans Sub-Commission: “Church and Salvation: General Framework”.

ARCIC-II-20 (b) (1984) Draft from St. Albans Sub-Commission: “Justification”.

Drafts from the First Groups at Durham

  • ARCIC-II-21-1 (1984) Group A
  • ARCIC-II-21-2 (1984) Group B “Church and Salvation”
  • ARCIC-II-21-3 (1984) Group C
  • ARCIC-II-22 (1984) Minutes of the Second Meeting of ARCIC-II: Durham, August 22-31st, 1984
  • ARCIC-II-23 (1984) “Church and Salvation” – Outline conflation of Groups A, B, C

Drafts from the Second Groups at Durham

  • ARCIC-II-24A (1984) Group 1: Introduction
  • ARCIC-II-25A (1984) Group 2: History
  • ARCIC-II-26A (1984) Group 3: Dogmatic
  • ARCIC-II-27A (1984) Group 4: The Servant Church as Sign and Steward
  • ARCIC-II-28-1 (1984) Report of ARC/USA to ARCIC-II: August 1984
  • ARCIC-II-28-2 (1984) Letter from Canon John Baycroft to Canon Christopher Hill, dated 13th August 1984, outlining the work of Canadian ARC, 1983-84.
  • ARCIC-II-29 (1984) “Imputed and Imparted Righteousness” from group 2

Drafts from the Third Drafting Groups -Durham

  • ARCIC-II-30-1 (1984) Introduction: Group 1-2
  • ARCIC-II-30-2 (1984) Church and Salvation Group 3-4 Part 1
  • ARCIC-II-30-3 (1984) Church and Salvation Group 3-4 Part 11
  • ARCIC-II-31 (1984) Memorandum of “Open Session” August 27, 1984
  • ARCIC-II-32A (1984) Draft Press Release from the Durham Meeting
  • ARCIC-II-32B (1984) Final Text of the Press Release
  • ARCIC-II-33 (1984) Growth in Reconciliation
  • ARCIC-II-34 (1984) Comments on the Final Drafts from Durham

ARCIC-II-35 (1985) “Justification by Faith: Notes on ARCIC-II-drafts on ‘Church and Salvation'” by Bishop Donald Cameron

ARCIC-II-35-1 (1985) Extract from a letter to Mgr. Richard Stewart from Fr. John Thornhill, dated 10th November 1985

ARCIC-II-35-2 (1985) Two comments by Fr. Duprey on Durham texts

ARCIC-II-36-1 (1985) Pleshey Draft

ARCIC-II-36-2 (1985) Revised Pleshey Draft (revision by Fr. E. Yarnold & C. Hill also incorporating 39-1)

ARCIC-II-37 (1985) Debate by the General Synod of the Church of England on Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry Statement of the Faith and Order Commission of the WCC and the Final Report of ARCIC-I

ARCIC-II-38-1 (1985) “The concept of Unity in ARCIC-I: Some Personal Comments” by Gunther Gassman.

ARCIC-II-38-2 (1985) “Does the Way that Leads to Reunion let us Envisage the Shape it would have?” by Fr. John Thornhill, SM

ARCIC-II-38-3 (1985) “Ecclesiological Implications of Response and Reception Procedures” by Arthur A. Vogel

ARCIC-II-38-4 (1985) “The ‘Goal’ of Unity in Dialogues Involving Anglicans and some Implications for the work of ARCIC-II” by Mary Tanner

ARCIC-II-38-5 (1985) “Ecclesiological Implications in Roman Catholic Procedures of Response and Reception” by Raymond W. Lessard

ARCIC-II-39-1 (1985) Draft Revision of conclusion to Pleshey text (Bishop Cameron, Fr. Thornhill)

ARCIC-II-40-1 (1985) Theses on ‘Catholic Practices’ by Cecily Boulding with Response from Julian Charley

ARCIC-II-40-2 (1985) “Purgatory, Pardons and Invocation of Saints” by Brendan Soane and Oliver O’Donovan

ARCIC-II-41-1 (1985) Bishops’ Conference USA: Response to ARCIC-I

ARCIC-II-41-2 (1985) Bishops’ Conference England/Wales: Response to ARCIC-I

ARCIC-II-41-3 (1985) “Towards a Church of England Response to BEM & ARCIC” (CIO Publishing, Church House, Dean’s Yard, London, SW1P 3NZ)

ARCIC-II-41-4 (1985) “Responses to the Final Report of ARCIC” (ACC, May 1985)

ARCIC-II-41-5 (1985) Report of the Standing Commission on Ecumenical Relations to the General Convention of the Episcopal Church, 1985 on the ARCIC Final Report

ARCIC-II-42-1 (1985) Some comments on the Pleshey Draft by Fr. Charles Acton (Colleague of Fr. Soane)

ARCIC-II-42-2 (1985) “Proposed addition on the Salvation of the Unbeliever” by Fr. Soane

ARCIC-II-42-3 (1985) “Notes and Suggestions on the Pleshey Draft” by Bishop Donald Cameron

ARCIC-II-42-4 (1985) Letter on the Pleshey Draft from Cecily Boulding, OP

ARCIC-II-42-5 (1985) “The Revised Pleshey Draft: Some Comments” by E.J. Yarnold, SJ

ARCIC-II-43-1 (1985) 1983 Code of Canon Law, canon 844 (Admission to Eucharist)

ARCIC-II-43-2 (1985) “The Status and Function of the Thirty-Nine Articles in the Church of England Today” by Philip Thomas

ARCIC-II-44-1 (1985) Draft List of National Anglican/Roman Catholic Dialogues

ARCIC-II-44-2 (1985) “Brief Comments on the Activities of some National ARCs not represented on ARCIC-II”

ARCIC-II-44-3 (1985) “Comments on the Work of the Canadian Anglican/Roman Catholic Dialogue (Canadian ARC)” by John Baycroft

ARCIC-II-44-4 (1985) “Development of Ecumenical Co-operation in Kenya” by David Gitari

ARCIC-II-45 (1985) “Justification by Grace through Faith” by John Baker (Theology LXIX Jan. 1966)

ARCIC-II-46 Minutes

ARCIC-II-47 Exchange of Letters on the Ordination to the Priesthood

ARCIC-II-48 Exchange of letters on the ordination of women to the priesthood between Cardinal Willebrands and ARCIC II

ARCIC-II-49 Proposal from the Sub-Communion on ‘Steps and Stages’

ARCIC-II-50 (a) Graymoor Draft

  • ARCIC-II-50 (b) Graymoor Draft (revised)

ARCIC-II-51 Graymoor Press Release

ARCIC-II-51-2 ‘Confidential note for other members of the ARCIC-II steering committee’ by RLS [Richard Stewart]. 11 Jun 1985

ARCIC-II-52A ‘Indulgences: A Position Paper’ by G R Evans, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge. 1986

ARCIC-II-52B ‘Sin and Penance’ from ‘Christianity in the West 1400-1700’ by John Bossy. [1986]

ARCIC-II-52-3 ‘Purgatory: In Quest of an Image’ by Robert J.Schreiter. 11 Jun 1985

ARCIC-II-53 Drafting points on the Graymoor draft made by Henry Chadwick, Sister Cecily Boulding and the Revd Kevin McDonald and an accompanying letter from the Co-Chairmen of ARCIC. Feb 1986

ARCIC-II-53-2 Comments on the Graymoor draft by Mary Tanner. 1986


ARCIC-II-55-1 ‘Renewing the Koinonia Between our Two Churches I: Theological Background’ by J M R Tillard. 1987

ARCIC-II-55-2 ‘Restoring Koinonia Between our Two Churches II: The Framework of our Task’ by J M R Tillard. 1986

ARCIC-II-55-3 ‘The Eucharist and the Visibility of Koinonia’ by J M R Tillard. 1987

ARCIC-II-56-1 (1986) “Steps Towards unity” by John Baycroft

ARCIC-II-56-2 (1986) “Kenosis and Koinonia: The Path Ahead for Anglican-Roman Catholic Dialogue” by Jean -Marie Laporte, SJ

ARCIC-II-56-3 (1986) “Understanding Real but Imperfect Communion between Anglicans and Roman Catholics” by Dr. Margaret O’Gara

ARCIC-II-56-4 “An Observation on the paper “Steps Towards Unity” by Christopher Hill

ARCIC-II-57A (1986) Draft Chairmen’s Introduction

ARCIC-II-57B (1986) “A Note on Some Beliefs and Practices”

ARCIC-II-57C (1986) “Official Roman Catholic Teaching on Justification” by Edward Yarnold, SJ

ARCIC-II-57D (1986) “Possible footnotes with reference to the 16th Century Formularies” by Christopher Hill

ARCIC-II-57E (1986) “The Teaching of the English Reformers on Justification” by Mark Santer

ARCIC-II-57F (1986) Revised Draft of Chairmen’s Introduction

ARCIC-II-58-1 (1986) “An Anglican View of the Substantive Issues Raised by the Ordination of Women and of How ARCIC-II-Might Handle the Question” by J. Robert Wright

ARCIC-II-58-2 (1986) “The Question of Women’s Ordination and its Implication Within the Contest of Ecclesial Communion” by John Thornhill, SM

ARCIC-II-59 (1986) “Ordination of Women to the Priesthood: Bibliography, ARCIC-II” by Cecily Boulding, OP and Mary Tanner

ARCIC-II-59-1 (1986) “Ordination of Women to the Priesthood: Additional Bibliography for ARCIC-II-59 (86) Essays and Articles from Various Perspectives Both Pro and Con (Items not already listed by C. Boulding and M. Tanner)” by J. Robert Wright

ARCIC-II-59-2 “Ordination to the Priesthood: Additional Bibliography” by J. Robert Wright

ARCIC-II-60 (1986) “Anglican-Roman Catholic commission of New Zealand (ARCCNZ): Report to ARCIC-II-on the task set by that body to ARCCNZ”

ARCIC-II-61 (1986) “Comments by Robert Wright on the Storrington Draft”

ARCIC-II-62 (1986) “ARC-USA Resolution on the New Historical Research Concerning Apostolicae Curae”

ARCIC-II-63 (1986) Minutes of the Fourth Meeting of ARCIC-II, Llandaff, 26th August 4th September 1986

ARCIC-II-64A (1986) Llandaff Draft (some paragraphs only)

ARCIC-II-64B (1986) Llandaff Draft (some paragraphs only)

ARCIC-II-64C (1986) Llandaff Draft

ARCIC-II-64D (1986) Llandaff Draft

ARCIC-II-64E (1986) Draft Footnotes

ARCIC-II-64F (1986) Draft Footnotes

ARCIC-II-64G (1986) Final Text of Llandaff Statement on “Salvation and the Church”

ARCIC-II-65A (1986) Draft Llandaff Press Release

ARCIC-II-65B (1986) Llandaff Press Release (Final Text)

ARCIC-II-87 (1989) “Church and Communion: Godalming-Ammerdown Draft”

ARCIC-II-88 (1989) Exchange of Letters between the Archbishop of Canterbury and Pope John Paul II, 1988

ARCIC-II-89 (1989) “Draft Continuation of Next Steps” by Fr. Edward Yarnold, SJ

ARCIC-II-90 (1989) “Church and Communion Part I: Storrington-Birmingham Draft”

ARCIC-II-91 (1989) “Oxford Morals Draft”

ARCIC-II-92 (1989) “Minutes of the Seventh Meeting of ARCIC-II, Venice, 28th August -6th September 1989

ARCIC-II-93 (1989) “Church and Communion: Venice Draft”

ARCIC-II-93B “Church and communion: Venice Draft” – Redraft of Paras. 1-6; 28-49

ARCIC-II-93C “Church and Communion: Venice Draft” Final Text

ARCIC-II-94 (1989) Press Release (Revised)