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Rev. Christopher Hill

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Assistant Chaplain to Archbishop of Canterbury for Foreign Relations, 1974-81; Archbishop’s Secretary for Ecumenical Affairs, 1982-89; Bishop Suffragan of Stafford, 1996-2004, Bishop of Guildford

Anglican-Lutheran Eur. Commission, 1981-82; Consultant: C of E-German Churches Commission, 1987-90; C of E-Nordic-Baltic Churches Commission, 1989-92; Co-Chairman: C of E-French Lutheran and Reformed Conversations, 1994-98; Meissen Theological Conference, 1998-. Member: C of E Council for Christian Unity, 1989-96; Legal Advisor Commission, General Synod of C of E, 1991-; Faith and Order Advisory Group, 1996- (Vice-Chairman, 1998-); House of Bishops and General Synod of C of E, 1999-; Working Party on Women in the Episcopate, 2001-04 (Vice-Chairman, 2003-04); Liturgical Commission, 2003-; Chairman, Women Bishops’ Group, House of Bishops, 2005-. Co-Chairman, London Society of Jews and Christians, 1991-96; Vice-Chairman, 1993-2002, Chairman, 2002-, Ecclesiastical Law Society.