Joint Anglican Roman Catholic Church in Trinidad

9 May 1997 • Persistent link:

Parishioners of both Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches have joined forces to build a single church in the eastern community of Arima, Trinidad, after 13 years of planning and fund-raising on the part of both denominations.

The Church of the Annunciation, of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Santa Rosa Heights, is the first church to be built under the auspices of both denominations. According to Anglican parish priest, the Revd George Pow, the joint church represents a further strengthening of the relationship between the two Churches. Mr Pow pointed to widespread instances throughout the country where the both communities have a tradition of sharing worship facilities.

In practical terms, both congregations hold separate services on Sundays and come together on three occasions during the course of the year for joint services. However, according to Mr Pow, congregations are unable to celebrate Mass together due to doctrinal differences.

The million dollar facility which seats 400 was designed as a dual purpose building allowing the community to also host cultural events.