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• Interpreting our 30-year embargo (4 Aug 2019)

• ARCIC II catalogue is only partial (4 Aug 2019)

• ARCIC I material completed, ARCIC II begins (3 Aug 2019)

• development notes (3 Aug 2019)

Development notes on the site

Interpreting our 30-year embargo
4 August 2019 • Persistent link:

The IARCCUM steering committee has established a 30-year embargo on documents from the international Anglican-Roman Catholic dialogues. This policy corresponds to the practice at the Lambeth Palace Library and the Anglican Centre in Rome. This means that there are new documents coming available all the time. Of course, the policy does not apply to materials that have been published by the dialogues, such as the agreed statements and press releases. It also does not apply to materials published in other places, such as journal articles. As I work through the catalogue, I occasionally identify items that do not need to […]

ARCIC II catalogue is only partial
4 August 2019 • Persistent link:

As I have pieced together the ARCIC II catalogue, I have found some unusual gaps. The majority of the catalogue was provided as an Excel file by the Lambeth Palace Library. It provided the ARCIC II protocol numbers and the corresponding LPL file numbers. The LPL makes the following comment: “Unlike the ARCIC I series of papers, the ARCIC II referencing does not replicate the original numbering; but the original numbers of the papers are included in the catalogue descriptions.” The LPL has also included additional materials that may not have been included in the original sequence but which had […]

ARCIC I material completed, ARCIC II begins
3 August 2019 • Persistent link:

After seven years of work on this website, the complete archive of ARCIC I has been digitized and catalogued. Many thanks to our partners at the Anglican Centre in Rome and the Lambeth Palace Library. Each document has been identified by the original protocol numbers assigned by the ARCIC co-secretaries. Protocol numbers have been modified slightly because of the computer coding requirements. Blank spaces and slashes (/) have been replaced with a dash (-). There are also a number of preparatory and special commissions that have been digitized along the way. The complete list of commissions included in this archive […] development notes
3 August 2019 • Persistent link:

This website has now been in development for over seven years. The initial scanning of the ARCIC I materials in 2009 was a project of, at that time Msgr. Don Bolen, a staff member of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity. He was responsible for the Anglican desk at the PCPCU from late 2001 to late 2008. In the months before he left Rome, he collected the documents, borrowed some from the Anglican Centre in Rome, and took them to a quiet summer rental in Sicily where he proceeded to individually scan nearly 18,000 pages on a flat-bed scanner. […]