ARCIC II catalogue is only partial

4 August 2019 • Persistent link:

As I have pieced together the ARCIC II catalogue, I have found some unusual gaps. The majority of the catalogue was provided as an Excel file by the Lambeth Palace Library. It provided the ARCIC II protocol numbers and the corresponding LPL file numbers. The LPL makes the following comment: “Unlike the ARCIC I series of papers, the ARCIC II referencing does not replicate the original numbering; but the original numbers of the papers are included in the catalogue descriptions.” The LPL has also included additional materials that may not have been included in the original sequence but which had been stored together with these documents. These are listed at the bottom of the ARCIC II catalogue page.

In the ARCIC II catalogue, items that are hyperlinked are already available through the ARCIC II page. The remaining documents have not yet been scanned. I am planning a trip to the ACR in September to collect as many of the missing documents as possible.

I have found gaps in the protocol numbers recorded in the LPL catalogue. I suspect that some of the ARCIC materials did not have protocol numbers written on the documents when they were sent to the LPL. I am hoping that the copies of the documents in the ACR archive will clarify matters.