Anglican-Roman Catholic Consultation on the Ordination of Women (1978)

Anglican-Roman Catholic Consultation on the Ordination of Women (February 1978)

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Status of agreed statements

Agreed statements have been agreed by the dialogue members and submitted to the sponsoring churches for study.
These texts express the careful considerations of the members of the dialogue but are not official statements of either of the churches.

Copyright in minutes, statements and other core papers is owned by the Commission and requests for extensive quotation or use should be directed to the co-Chairs. However, copyright in papers by named authors remains with the author.

A small joint consultation established in November 1976 to consider “to what extent and in what ways churches with women priests and churches without women priests can be reconciled in sacramental fellowship”. The consultation held one meeting in February 1978 at Versailles, France. Records of the ARCCOW are housed in the Lambeth Palace Library in the collection of the Church of England’s Council on Foreign Relations (LPL nos. CFR RC 52, CFR RC 53, CFR RC 54, and CFR RC 55).

In addition to the documents listed below, there are other documents relevant to ARCCOW that were not assigned a protocol number. These can be found in the complete ARCCOW fonds.

ARCCOW-1: The Anglican Experience of Authority, a study paper by Rev. Prof. James Griffiss

ARCCOW-2: The Origins of the Anglican_Roman Catholic Consultation on the Ordination of Women

ARCCOW-3: Ordination of Women in the Anglican Communion and the Ecumenical Debate, by Christian Howard

ARCCOW-4: The Ordination of Women and Anglican-Roman Catholic Relations, by Canon William Purdy

ARCCOW-5: Anglicans and Roman Catholics on the Ordination of Women: An American Report, by Rev John Hotchkin

ARCCOW-6: Minutes of the Versailles meeting, 27 February to 3 March, 1978

ARCCOW-7: Draft outline for the Versailles Statement

ARCCOW-8: Draft texts of the Versaille Statement:

  • ARCCOW-8A: First draft
  • ARCCOW-8B: Second draft
  • ARCCOW-8C: Additional paragraph
  • ARCCOW-8D: Additional paragraph
  • ARCCOW-8E: Additional paragraph
  • ARCCOW-8F: Third draft
  • ARCCOW-8G: Fourth draft

ARCCOW-9: Versailles Statement. The final report of the 27 February to 3 March meeting.

Pencil notes of the meeting (Rev Christopher Hill)

CFR-RC-52: 81 pages of supplemental documents not otherwise included in the ARCCOW collection