Anglican-Roman Catholic Joint Preparatory Commission (1967-1968)

Anglican-Roman Catholic Joint Preparatory Commission, 1967-1968

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Status of agreed statements

Agreed statements have been agreed by the dialogue members and submitted to the sponsoring churches for study. These texts express the careful considerations of the members of the dialogue but are not official statements of either of the churches.


Copyright in minutes, statements and other core papers is owned by the Commission and requests for extensive quotation or use should be directed to the co-Chairs. However, copyright in papers by named authors remains with the author.

ARCJPC-1: “Why is Anglican/Roman Catholic Dialogue Possible Today?” by the Bishop of Ripon (John Moorman).

ARCJPC-2: “Why is Anglican/Roman Catholic Dialogue Possible Today?” by Bishop Jan Willebrands, reprinted in Anglican/Roman Catholic Dialogue: The Work of the Preparatory Commission, ed. Alan C. Clark and Colin Davey, London: Oxford University Press, 1974, pp.26-36.

ARCJPC-3: “Where Should Dialogue Begin?” by Professor Eugene Fairweather.

ARCJPC-4: “Where Should Dialogue Begin?” by Fr. Michael Richards.

ARCJPC-5: “What is the Word?” by Fr. Georges Tavard.

ARCJPC-6: “How is the Word Received by Man?” by Canon J. Atkinson.

ARCJPC-7: “How the Word of God Creates and Sustains the Church” by Professor Eugene Fairweather.

ARCJPC-8: “How does the Church Proclaim the Word?” by Fr. Michael Richards.

ARCJPC-9: “What Should be the Minimum Structure and Essential Life of Local Church?” by Canon Eric Kemp.

ARCJPC-10: “The Papal Supremacy in Relation with the Unity and Unicity of the Church” by Fr. Louis Bouyer.

ARCJPC-11: “To what extent can or should there be Diversity in a United Church – Freedom and Authority” by Bishop Jan Willebrands.

ARCJPC-12: “Unity and Comprehensiveness” by the Bishop of Ripon (John Moorman) and Professor Howard Root.

ARCJPC-12.5: “Practical Proposals” by Professor Howard Root and Canon William Purdy.

ARCJPC-13: “Unity: An approach by Stages?” by the Bishop of Ossory (Henry McAdoo).

ARCJPC-14: “Unity: An approach by Stages?” by Bishop Christopher Butler.

ARCJPC-15: “The Malta Report” as distributed for the Lambeth Conference, 1968: “Documents on Anglican-Roman Catholic Relations”.

ARCJPC supplementary files:

ARCJPC-sf-1: List of names and addresses of ARCJPC commission members, 1st meeting.

ARCJPC-sf-2: List of papers requested for the second meeting of the ARCJPC.

ARCJPC-sf-3: Practical issues – recommendations agreed for submission to the authorities of both Churches.

ARCJPC-sf-4: Press release of 12th January, 1967, following 1st meeting of the ARCJPC.

ARCJPC-sf-5: Outline of discussions, 1st meeting of ARCJPC.

ARCJPC-sf-6: Press release of 13th July, 1967, announcing the 2nd meeting of the ARCJPC.

ARCJPC-sf-7: Press release of 3rd January, 1968, following the 3rd and final meeting of the ARCJPC.

ARCJPC-sf-8: “Report on approaching the problem of Anglican Orders”, prepared at the request of the JPC for the Malta Meeting, Dec. 67-Jan 68.

ARCJPC-sf-9: “Confidential Report on the Anglican/Roman Catholic Joint Preparatory Commission – Second Meeting, Huntercombe Manor – August 30th to September 4th, 1967”.

ARCJPC-sf-10: “Second Meeting of the Anglican/Roman Catholic Joint Preparatory Commission – List of Members”.

ARCJPC-sf-11: Press Release, 2nd Meeting of the Anglican/Roman Catholic Joint Preparatory Commission.

882: List of minutes, press clippings, etc.