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Selected events and meetings

ARCIC III in Rio de Janiero
ARCIC III with local Anglican and Roman Catholic ecumenists in Rio de Janiero, May 2013

The following events are included in this archive. These consist of meetings of the dialogue commissions, church offices, and other bodies. Each event or meeting listed here may have numerous documents associated with it. This is a work-in-progress. As documents are catalogued, this list will grow.

International events and meetings

 +  Conversations at Malines (1921-1925)

 +  Anglican-Roman Catholic Joint Preparatory Commission (1967-1968)

 +  Anglican-Roman Catholic Commission on the Theology of Marriage (1968-1975)

 +  Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission I (1970-1981)

 +  Anglican-Roman Catholic Consultation on the Ordination of Women (1978)

 +  Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission II (1983-2005)

 +  Mississauga Meeting of Anglican and Catholic Bishops (2000)

 +  International Anglican-Roman Catholic Commission for Unity and Mission (2001-)

 +  Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission III (2011-)

 +  Malines Conversations Group (2013-)

Anglican Communion events and meetings

 +  Lambeth Conference (1867-)

 +  Anglican Consultative Council (1969-)

 +  Primates' Meeting (1978-)

National and regional events and meetings

 +  Anglican-Roman Catholic Theological Consultation in the U.S.A. (1965-)

 +  Anglican-Roman Catholic Dialogue of Canada (1971-)

 +  Anglican-Roman Catholic Bishops' Dialogue of Canada (1975-)

 +  ARC-Brazil (2001-)