IARCCUM: New Steps on an Ancient Pilgrimage: Walking Together from Canterbury to Rome
IARCCUM ~ 30 September to 7 October 2016 ~ Canterbury & Rome

In October of 2016, IARCCUM gathered 19 pairs of Anglican and Roman Catholic bishops in Canterbury and Rome for an 8-day pilgrimage. This gathering was an opportunity to study and pray together at the tombs of Saints Peter, Paul, Augustine of Canterbury, and Thomas à Becket. The 2016 Pilgrimage provided an opportunity for the bishops to discuss the ecumenical context in their own countries and to learn from the experience of each other. The bishop-pairs were commissioned by Pope Francis and Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby at vespers at San Gregorio al Celio. On the site where St Gregory the Great commissioned St Augustine to evangelise the English, these bishops were commissioned to promote the growth in communion between these two churches and the reception of the agreements reached in the theological dialogues.

Selected documents for this event: