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Anglican-Roman Catholic Theological Consultation in the U.S.A. (ARC-USA)

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Agreed Statements
Communiqués & Press Releases
Minutes & Reports
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Status of agreed statements

Agreed statements have been agreed by the dialogue members and submitted to the sponsoring churches for study. These texts express the careful considerations of the members of the dialogue but are not official statements of either of the churches.

Since 1965, the Episcopal Church and the Roman Catholic Church have been engaged in an official bilateral dialogue sponsored by the two churches, the Anglican-Roman Catholic Theological Consultation in the United States of America, sometimes known as ARC-USA. As a part of this dialogue, ARC-USA has produced a number of statements and reports on important theological subjects of concern to the two churches, often building on and responding to the work of the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission (ARCIC) established in 1967.

Agreed Statements


Communiqués & Press Releases

Anglican-Roman Catholic Retreat
USCC ~ 28 May 1970
Substantial Agreement on the Eucharist
USCC ~ 31 Jan. 1972
Bishops’ Committee Responds to Eucharistic Doctrine Statement
USCC ~ 2 Oct. 1972
Anglican-Roman Catholic Documents Published
USCC ~ 16 Mar. 1973
Anglican-Roman Catholic Agreed Statement on Ministry
USCC ~ 5 Dec. 1973
Anglican-Roman Catholic Statement on Purpose of the Church
USCC ~ 29 Oct. 1975
Anglican-Roman Catholic Statement on Ordination of Women
USCC ~ 5 Nov. 1975
Anglican-Catholic Statement on the Theology of Marriage
USCC ~ 3 June 1976
Anglican-Catholic Statement on Authority in the Church
USCC ~ 13 Jan. 1977
Request for Specific Directives in ARC dialogue
USCC ~ 28 Dec. 1977
Anglicans admitted into Catholic Church on “Common Identity”
USCC ~ 20 Aug. 1980
Bishops can begin processing Episcopal Priests’ Petitions
USCC ~ 3 Apr. 1981
Anglican-Roman Catholic Broad Based Conference
USCC ~ 16 June 1981
Bishop Law issues statement on former Episcopal priests
USCC ~ 12 Jan. 1982
Bishops hail Final Report of ARCIC
USCC ~ 29 Mar. 1982
ARCIC Meets in Venice
USCC ~ 15 Sept. 1983
US Catholic, Anglican Dialogue Held
USCC ~ 10 Jan. 1985
Women Anglican Bishops Called Hindrance to Reconciliation
USCC ~ 14 Sept. 1988
Appreciation Noted for Catholic- Anglican Joint Declaration
USCC ~ 23 Oct. 1989
Joint Statement Marks Beginning of Prayer for Unity
USCC ~ 19 Jan. 1993
Eucharist not an Issue Dividing Churches, Dialogue Says
USCC ~ 14 Jan. 1994
Catholic, Episcopal Bishops Plan Pilgrimage to Canterbury and Rome
USCC ~ 1 Feb. 1994
Anglican, Catholic Dialogue Takes up Directory for Ecumenism, Life in Christ, Veritatis Splendor
USCC ~ 13 Jan. 1995
Anglican-Catholic Dialogue Looks at Moral Discernment, Homosexuality
USCC ~ 11 Mar. 2011
Anglican-Roman Catholic Dialogue Releases Joint Statement: Ecclesiology and Moral Discernment: Seeking a Unified Moral Witness.
USCC ~ 22 Apr. 2014
ARC-USA releases joint ecclesiology document
Episcopal Church ~ 22 Apr. 2014

Minutes & Reports

Study papers