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Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission II (ARCIC-II)


Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission (1970-)

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Agreed Statements
Letters, addresses, & greetings
Responses to Agreed Statements
Communiqués & Press Releases
Minutes & Reports
Study papers
Journal articles
Draft texts & Schema
Miscellaneous documents


Abraham Adappur (1983-1988)
Peter Akpunonu (1983-1990)
Donald Anderson (Observer 1991-1994, Secretary 1994-1996)
Brian Ashby (1983-1984)
Peter Baelz (Consultant 1991-1994)
John Baycroft
Donald Bolen (Secretary 2003-2005)
Cecily Boulding (1983-1990)
Peter Butelezi (1983-1990)
Sara Butler (1991-)
Donald Cameron (1983-1990)
Gregory Cameron (Secretary 2003-2005)
Henry Chadwick (1983-1989)
Julian Charley (1983-1990)
Peter Cross (1991-2006)
Kortright Davis (1983-1990)
Adelbert Denaux (1991-2005)
Pierre Duprey
E. Rozanne Elder (1991-)
Timothy Galligan (Secretary 1993-2003)
Günther Gassmann (Observer 1983-1994)
David Gitari (1983-1989)
David Hamid (Secretary 1996-)
Christopher Hill (Secretary 1983-1990, Member 1990-1991)
Brian Johnstone (1991-)
Patrick Kelly (1996-)
Raymond Lessard (1983-1990)
Jaci Maraschin (1991-)
Enda McDonagh (Consultant 1991-1994)
Kevin McDonald (Secretary 1985-1993)
John Muddiman (1991-)
Cormac Murphy-O’Connor (Co-Chair)
Michael Nazir-Ali (1991-)
Oliver O’Donovan (Member 1983-1990, Consultant 1991-1994)
Stephen Platten (Secretary 1990-1994)
John Pobee (1983-1990)
Michael Root (Observer 1995-)
Nicholas Sagovsky (1991-2005)
Mark Santer (Co-Chair)
Charles Sherlock (1991-2005)
Brendan Soane (1983-1990)
William Steele (1994-1995)
Richard Stewart (Secretary 1983-1985)
Mary Tanner (1983-1990)
John Thornhill (1983-1990)
Jean-Marie Tillard
Arthur Vogel (1983-1990)
Bernard Wallace (1986-1988)
Liam Walsh (1991-)
Bruce Williams (Consultant 1991-1994)
J. Robert Wright (1983-1990)
Edward Yarnold (1983-1990)

Status of agreed statements

Agreed statements have been agreed by the dialogue members and submitted to the sponsoring churches for study. These texts express the careful considerations of the members of the dialogue but are not official statements of either of the churches.

Agreed Statements

Letters, addresses, & greetings

Responses to Agreed Statements


Communiqués & Press Releases

Minutes & Reports

Study papers

ARC/North America: An Overview
Raymond W. Lessard ~ 1983 ~ ARCIC-II-6-2
Images of God: Reflections on Christian Anthropology
ARC-USA ~ July 1983 ~ ARCIC-II-213
Church and Salvation (on the Sacramentality of the Church)
Jean-Marie Tillard, OP ~ 1984 ~ ARCIC-II-16
Justification. A Brief Introduction to Some Difficulties and Obscurities relating to Anglican and Roman Catholic Teaching
Alister McGrath ~ 1984 ~ ARCIC-II-17
Report of ARC/USA to ARCIC-II
ARC-USA ~ Aug. 1984 ~ ARCIC-II-28-1
The Concept of Unity in ARCIC I: Some Personal Comments
Günther Gassmann ~ 1985 ~ ARCIC-II-38-1
Ecclesiological Implications of Response and Reception Procedures
Arthur A. Vogel ~ 1985 ~ ARCIC-II-38-3
Does the way that leads to reunion let us envisage the shape it would have?
John Thornhill, SM ~ Apr. 1985 ~ ARCIC-II-38-2
Understanding Real but Incomplete Communion between Anglicans and Roman Catholics
Margaret O’Gara ~ 18 Apr. 1985 ~ ARCIC-II-56-3
The Status and Function of the Thirty-nine Articles in the Anglican Communion Today
Philip H.E. Thomas ~ July 1985 ~ ARCIC-II-43-2
An Anglican View of the Substantive Issues Raised by the Ordination of Women and of How ARCIC II Might Handle the Question
J. Robert Wright ~ 1986 ~ ARCIC-II-58-1
Material on Apostolicae Curae from ARC-USA
ARC-USA ~ 1986 ~ ARCIC-II-62
Steps Towards Unity
John Baycroft ~ 1 May 1986 ~ ARCIC-II-56-1
Anglican Ordinations: an assessment by a sub-group of English ARC
English ARC ~ 1987 ~ ARCIC-II-70
Suggestions and comments on ARCIC-II-66: Growth in Communion: A Schema
ARC-Canada ~ 3 June 1987 ~ ARCIC-II-68
Anglican Orders: A Report on the Evolving Context for their Evaluation in the Roman Catholic Church
ARC-USA ~ 8 May 1990
The Catholic Response to the ‘Final Report’ of ARCIC I
PCPCU and CDF ~ 6 Dec. 1991
Resolution IV.23 (1998) – The Roman Catholic Church
Lambeth Conference ~ 9 Aug. 1998

Journal articles

Draft texts & Schema


Miscellaneous documents