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Two comments on Durham texts

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Author(s): Pierre Duprey
Dated: 25 Feb. 1985

Protocol number: ARCIC-II-35-2
Fonds/Collections: ARCIC-II (Draft texts & Schema)
Lambeth Library: ARCIC/2/76

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Pierre Duprey. "Two comments on Durham texts", ARCIC-II-35-2 (25 Feb. 1985). Anglican-Roman Catholic Dialogue, accessed 23 Oct. 2021.
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  • ARCIC-II-35-2


page 7 para II. 2

“Grace is not to be considered as a thing or as a substance.

True – yet we have to say (page 11 § II. 10) that one can “depart from the grace of God as given”.

i.e. There is a result of God’s action in man (cf scholastic concept of habitus). This needs to be brought out more explicitly.

page 8 para II. 3

List of NT concepts of salvation.
At Durham did ask for “expiation/propitiation” to be listed;
perhaps not the best word – ilasmos is what matters; this can be better rendered as at-one-ment. cf Rom 3:25 Hebr 2:17 and passim and I John 2:2, 4:10.

Remember that Windsor Statement was criticized on our side for saying too little on this aspect.