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Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission III (ARCIC-III)

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Agreed Statements
Communiqués & Press Releases


William Adam (2017-)
Alyson Barnett-Cowan (Secretary 2011-2014)
Robert Christian (2011-)
Anthony Currer (Secretary 2013-)
Adelbert Denaux (2011-)
Peter Galadza (Consultant 2011-)
John Gibaut (Secretary 2015-)
Jonathan Goodall (2011-2013)
Paula Gooder (2011-)
Jonathan Gough (Staff 2016-)
Christopher Hill (2011-)
Arthur Kennedy (2011-)
Mark Langham (Secretary 2011-2013)
Bernard Longley (Co-Chair 2011-)
Odair Mateus (Observer 2011-)
Mark McIntosh (2011-2014)
David Moxon (Co-Chair 2011-)
Paul Murray (2011-)
Nkosinathi Ndwandwe (2011-)
Linda Nicholls (2011-)
Teresa Okure (2011-)
Michael Poon (2011-2016)
Nicholas Sagovsky (2011-)
Silvana Salvati (Staff 2015)
Peter Sedgwick (2011-)
Charles Sherlock (Consultant 2011-)
Janet Smith (2011-)
Norman Tanner (Consultant 2011-)
Vimal Tirimanna (2011-)
Neil Vigers (Staff 2011-)
Henry Wansbrough (2011-)

Status of agreed statements

Agreed statements have been agreed by the dialogue members and submitted to the sponsoring churches for study. These texts express the careful considerations of the members of the dialogue but are not official statements of either of the churches.

The official dialogue between the Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican Communion is undertaken by the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission (ARCIC), sponsored by the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, and the Department for Unity, Faith and Order of the Anglican Communion.

The task of this third phase of ARCIC will be to consider fundamental questions regarding the ‘Church as Communion – Local and Universal’, and ‘How in communion the Local and Universal Church comes to discern right ethical teaching’. The international membership of this new phase of ARCIC represents a wide range of cultural settings, and brings to the Commission a variety of theological disciplines.

Agreed Statements


Communiqués & Press Releases