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Rev. Dr. William Adam

ARCIC-III (Member, 2017-2018) and ARCIC-III (Secretary, 2018-)

The representative of the Archbishop of Canterbury

Rev. Dr. William Adam is the Director for Unity, Faith, and Order and the Ecumenical Adviser to the Archbishop of Canterbury. He was ordained in 1994 and served in parishes in the Church of England until taking up his role with the Archbishop in 2017.

Will has been committed to Christian unity since he was a student at the WCC’s Bossey Graduate School. He has served on Anglican-Methodist dialogue in England and in his current role is responsible for the oversight of the Anglican Communion’s ecumenical work, including theological dialogue and liaising with ecumenical bodies. He was part of the Anglican Communion delegation at the Global Christian Forum’s gathering in Bogota in 2018.

Will retains an active academic interest in Law and Religion and is the editor of the Ecclesiastical Law Journal, an international comparative journal of law and religion. He continues to serve as a priest in a group of rural churches in the South of England.

“It is an honour to be part of the Global Christian Forum who demonstrates the unity of the Body of Christ. Together we can bring healing and hope in our broken world.”