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Anglican-Roman Catholic Commission on the Theology of Marriage (ARCCM)

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Agreed Statements
Communiqués & Press Releases
Minutes & Reports
Study papers
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Henry Cooper (Secretary 1971-1975)
P.F. Cremin
Ralph Dean (until 1974)
G.R. Dunstan
Langton Fox
Donald Hallock (until 1974)
L. Mason Knox (1974-1975)
Barnabas Lindars (Consultant, Member 1974-1975)
Helen Oppenheimer (Consultant)
William Purdy (Secretary)
John Satterthwaite (Secretary until 1971)
Michael Sharratt (Consultant)
George Simms (Co-Chair)
Francis Spence
Ernest Unterkoefler (Co-Chair)
Henry Wansbrough (Consultant)

Status of agreed statements

Agreed statements have been agreed by the dialogue members and submitted to the sponsoring churches for study. These texts express the careful considerations of the members of the dialogue but are not official statements of either of the churches.

The Commission was established jointly in 1967, on the one part by the Roman Catholic Secretariat for Promoting Christian Unity with the approval of His Holiness Pope Paul VI and on the other part by the Most Reverend and Right Honorable A.M. Ramsey Lord Archbishop of Canterbury on behalf of the Anglican Communion.

The problems arising from mixed marriages had been recognized as one of the chief of those “practical questions” referred to in the Joint Declaration made by the Pope and the Archbishop in Rome in March 1966; and when the Anglican-Roman Catholic Joint Preparatory Commission met at Gazzada in January 1967, one of its first acts was to recommend the setting up of a special commission to consider the Theology of Marriage with special reference to Mixed Marriages. The recommendation was immediately accepted on both sides.

The Commission met six times: at St. George’s House, Windsor Castle, from 16 to 18 April, 1968; at Pineta Sacchetti, Rome, from 27 to 30 November, 1968; in London, from 22 to 25 November, 1971; at Haywards Heath, at the Priory of Our Lady of Good Counsel, from 9 to 12 April, 1973; at the Divinity Hostel, Dublin, from 1 to 5 April, 1974; and at Casa Cardinale Piazza, Venice, from 23 to 27 June, 1975, when this final report was given unanimous approval.

Agreed Statements

Communiqués & Press Releases

Minutes & Reports

Study papers

Notes on the doctrine of a metaphysical vinculum
J.R. Lucas ~ ARCCM-16
On the Nature of the Marriage Bond (Vinculum Conjugale)
John Macquarrie ~ ARCCM-17
Is the Marriage Bond An Indissoluble Vinculum?
Helen Oppenheimer ~ ARCCM-18
Words and Bonds
Michael Sharratt ~ ARCCM-20
Divorce in the New Testament
Henry Wansbrough, OSB ~ ARCCM-21
How important is it to Anglicans that the children of mixed marriages be brought up as members of their own Communion, and why? An Episcopalian’s Response
L. Mason Knox ~ ARCCM-24
The New Testament Teaching on Marriage and Divorce
George Kilpatrick ~ 1955 ~ ARCCM-14
The Gospel Passages Dealing with the Dissolution of Marriage
R.G. Heard ~ 1955 ~ ARCCM-14A
Mixed Marriage: Status Quaestionis
26 Feb. 1967 ~ ARCJPC-MM-2
Report on the Problem of Mixed Marriages
4 Mar. 1967 ~ ARCJPC-MM-3B
Mixed Marriages: In the Light of the Word of God, Theological Aspects, Canonical Aspects, Pastoralia of mixed homes
4 Mar. 1967 ~ ARCJPC-MM-3C
Mixed Marriages
Peter Hebblethwaite, SJ ~ 1968 ~ ARCJPC-MM-3D
Introduction to the Principal Documents at Present Before the Sub-Commission
G.R. Dunstan ~ 16 Apr. 1968 ~ ARCJPC-MM-1
The Pastoral Approach to the Problems of Mixed Marriage
Donald H.V. Hallock ~ 27 Nov. 1968 ~ ARCJPC-MM-7
The Relation of the Encyclical ‘Humanae Vitae’ to the Sub-Commission’s Task
G.R. Dunstan ~ 27 Nov. 1968 ~ ARCJPC-MM-8
The Relation of the Encyclical ‘Humanae Vitae’ to the Sub-Commission’s Task
Langton Fox ~ 27 Nov. 1968 ~ ARCJPC-MM-9
Indissolubility of Marriage in the New Testament: Law or Ideal?
Aloysius M. Ambrozic ~ 1973 ~ ARCCM-19
Instructio Pro Solutione Matrimonii in Favorem Fidei
CDF ~ 6 Dec. 1973 ~ ARCCM-30
Marriages Between Anglicans and Roman Catholics
English ARC ~ 1974 ~ ARCCM-25B
Vatican II’s Ecclesiology
Christopher Butler ~ 1974 ~ ARCCM-31
The Anglican Understanding of Natural and Sacramental Marriage
G.R. Dunstan ~ 1 Mar. 1974 ~ ARCCM-23
Mixed Marriages: The “Cautiones”. A Discussion Paper
Brian O’Higgins ~ 1 Apr. 1974 ~ ARCCM-28

Journal articles

Draft texts & Schema

Working correspondence