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Mixed Marriages: In the Light of the Word of God, Theological Aspects, Canonical Aspects, Pastoralia of mixed homes

Circulated by the Council on Foreign Relations to Anglican members of the Anglican-Roman Catholic Sub-Commission on Mixed Marriages, at Windsor, 16th-18th April 1968. The paper was initially prepared by Roman Catholic theologians and canonists at the request of the Vatican’s Secretariat for Promoting Christian Unity for the WCC-Vatican consultation at Nemi from 26 February to 4 March 1967. This is an English translation from the French version of the document produced by the full Roman Catholic group as a result of their study of “Marriage and the Division among the Churches”.

Dated: 4 Mar. 1967
Event date: Windsor, 16-18 April 1968 (ARCCM: Mixed Marriage)

Protocol number: ARCJPC-MM-3C
Fonds/Collections: ARCCM (Study papers)
Lambeth Library: CFR/6/3/7/186A/3C
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