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Notes on Conversation at Lambeth concerning Mixed Marriages

Present: His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury, His Eminence Jan Cardinal Willebrands, His Excellency Mgr. Ladislao Rubin, The Very Revd. Canon W. A. Purdy, The Revd. Fr. Stjepan Schmidt, S.J., The Revd. Prebendary H. Cooper, The Revd. M. Moore.

Dated: 4 Oct. 1972
Event: ARCCM: Ecclesiology, pastoral and juridical problems, London, 22-25 November 1971

Protocol number: ARCCM-13
Fonds/Collections: ARCCM (Minutes & Reports)
Lambeth Library: CFR/6/3/7/186A/13

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"Notes on Conversation at Lambeth concerning Mixed Marriages", ARCCM-13 (London, 4 Oct. 1972). Anglican-Roman Catholic Dialogue.