Documents relating to the ARCCM

A list of ARCCM documents numbered 1-32, representing the 5 meetings of the Commission. Documents 1-10 have the acronym ARCJPCMM, as the Commission was initially considered a sub-commission of the Joint Preparatory Commission. Following the 2nd sub-commission meeting and the final report of the ARCJPC, the marriage commission convened for a further three meetings. The final 3 ARCCM documents, ARCCM-33, ARCCM-33A, and ARCCM-33B, were issued subsequent to this list.

Author(s): ARCCM
Dated: 3 May 1974
Event: ARCCM: Ecclesiology, pastoral and juridical problems, London, 22-25 November 1971
Protocol number: ARCCM-12

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Anglican-Roman Catholic Commission on the Theology of Marriage. "Documents relating to the ARCCM", ARCCM-12 (London, 3 May 1974).