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Marriages Between Anglicans and Roman Catholics

ISBN: 0715155156, 9780715155158

Author(s): English ARC
Dated: 1974
Event date: Dublin, 1-5 April 1974 (ARCCM: Ecclesiological positions and pastoral disciplines)

Protocol number: ARCCM-25B
Fonds/Collections: ARCCM (Study papers), English ARC (Agreed Statements)
Lambeth Library: CFR/6/3/7/186A/25B
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Anglicans and Roman Catholics agree very largely on the nature and purposes of christian marriage. The following short statement does not attempt to express this fundamental agreement in belief. Nor does it consider various aspects of married life between an Anglican and a Roman Catholic. It aims simply to provide guidelines for those about to be married, particularly in areas where Roman Catholic thinking and discipline cause difficulties and misunderstandings.