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Mixed Marriage: Status Quaestionis

An introductory paper offered for discussion at the first meeting of the ARCJPC sub-commission on mixed marriage, held at Windsor from 16-18 April, 1968.

The paper explores questions of Roman Catholic Canon Law, as it pertains to mixed marriage, particularly its historical development, the 1917 Code of Canon Law, and the post-Vatican II decree Matrimonii Sacramentum (1966). Detailed discussion of the impediments of marriage and disparity of cult.

Dated: 26 Feb. 1967
Event: ARCCM: Mixed Marriage, Windsor, 16-18 April 1968

Protocol number: ARCJPC-MM-2
Fonds/Collections: ARCCM (Study papers)
Lambeth Library: CFR/6/3/7/186A/2

To cite this document:
"Mixed Marriage: Status Quaestionis", ARCJPC-MM-2 (Windsor, 26 Feb. 1967). Anglican-Roman Catholic Dialogue.