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Report of the Standing Commission on Ecumenical Relations to the General Convention of the Episcopal Church

The section of the report relevant to the ARCIC Final Report is found on pages 33-43 of the Reports … to the General Convention of the Episcopal Church (Anaheim, 1985).

Because the General Convention affirmed the first two agreed statements in 1979, the main task of this report is to deal with “Authority in the Church (I and II).” So far there are no Elucidations appended to part II of “Authority in the Church,” for this will be the responsibility of the new ARCIC II in light of the judgments of the two Churches on the Final Report. In preparation for this report, the SCER asked dioceses and seminaries to study “Authority in the Church (I and II)” and to respond to the two questions, and many did.

Author(s): Episcopal Church
Dated: 1985

Protocol number: ARCIC-II-41-5
Fonds/Collections: ARCIC-II (Responses to Agreed Statements)
Lambeth Library: ARCIC/2/93
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