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Christology and Sexuality: An Anglican Contribution

J. Robert Wright circulated this undated paper to ARCIC-II within a dossier labelled ARCIC-II-58-1. He says of this paper: “This paper constitutes one Anglican response to the two papers of Fr. Keefe, and summarizes fairly well the reasons why most of the Episcopalian members of ARC/USA did not find Fr. Keefe’s papers convincing.”

The date of this paper is unclear, though it is written after Fr. Keefe’s undated paper ARCIC-II-58-1E which was sometime after January 1981.

Author(s): Charles P. Price
Dated: Feb. 1981
Protocol: ARCIC-II-58-1G
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Charles P. Price. "Christology and Sexuality: An Anglican Contribution", ARCIC-II-58-1G (Feb. 1981).

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