Evaluation of the ARCIC Final Report

In an evaluation of the “Final Report” by the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission, the U.S. National Conference of Catholic Bishops praised commission findings while offering various criticisms and suggesting areas for future discussion by the new ARCIC commission. (Excerpts from the ARCIC I “Final Report” appeared in Origins, vol. 11, no. 44.) ARCIC I’s 1982 findings on the eucharist, on ministry and ordination, and on authority in the church were evaluated by a six-member ad hoc committee headed by Archbishop John Wheaton of Hartford, Conn. The committee’s evaluation was accepted by a vote of the U.S. bishops Nov. 15 during their national meeting in Washington, D.C. “We find the doctrine contained in the ‘Final Report’ consonant in substance with Catholic faith when it comes to the Lord’s real presence in the eucharist. The Roman Catholic Church has reason to rejoice and be grateful for the efforts of ARCIC I which have made such a conclusion possible and responsible,” the evaluation stated. But it added: “An unfinished agenda precludes our saying at present that this doctrinal agreement in faith includes all that is essential for full communion between the two churches. “Matters concerning the eucharist as sacrifice, the Anglican view of reserving the eucharist as an extension of eucharistic worship, apostolic succession and the lasting foundat1on for the primacy of Peter’s successors were just some points the committee recommended for discussion by ARCIC II. And the committee expressed hope “that ARCIC II will be asked to prepare its conclusions for a session of the Synod of Bishops with Anglican input and representation.”

Author/editor(s): NCCB
Date: 1985
Protocol: ARCIC-II 41-1
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National Conference of Catholic Bishops (USA). Evaluation of the ARCIC Final Report, ARCIC-II 41-1 (1985). https://iarccum.org/doc/?d=859.

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