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Christ, Revelation, and the Ordination of Women

In addition to the published article, an unpublished conclusion was appended when the essay was circulated to the House of Bishops of the Episcopal Church in June 1973. This conclusion was widely circulated, shared with ARCIC-II, and is available below.

Author(s): Arthur A. Vogel

Protocol: ARCIC-II-58-1L
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Arthur A. Vogel. "Christ, Revelation, and the Ordination of Women", ARCIC-II-58-1L.

Archival formats and locations:
  • ARCIC-II-58-1L
  • Toward a New Theology of Ordination: Essays on the Ordination of Women, ed. M.H. Micks and C.P. Price (Alexandria, Va.: Virginia Theological Seminary, 1976), pp. 42-51.