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The Historical Foundations of Apostolicae Curae

In addition to the paper prepared for ARCIC-II, this document includes a covering letter dated 6 August 1986 by R.W. Franklin and an undated resolution approved by the ARC-USA membership.

“RESOLVED, that this ARC-USA meeting commends and transmits the new documentation for and interpretation of the historical basis for Apostolicae Curae presented by Professors R. W. Franklin and Guiseppe Rambaldi, S.J., to Cardinal Willebrands and ARCIC-II with a view to the recognition of Anglican orders by the Roman Catholic Church.”

Author(s): R. William Franklin
Dated: June 1986

Protocol number: ARCIC-II-62
Fonds/Collections: ARCIC-II (Study papers); ARC-USA (Minutes & Reports)
Lambeth Library: ARCIC/2/153

To cite this document:
R. William Franklin. "The Historical Foundations of Apostolicae Curae", ARCIC-II-62 (June 1986). Anglican-Roman Catholic Dialogue.

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