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The Emmaus Report : A Report of the Anglican Ecumenical Consultation 1987

A report of the Anglican Ecumenical Consultation which took place at the Emmaus Retreat Center, West Wickham, Kent, England, 27 January-2 February 1987 in preparation for ACC-7, Singapore, 1987 and the Lambeth Conference 1988

Dated: 1987
Event date: Singapore, 1987 (ACC-7)

Fonds/Collections: ACC (Minutes & Reports), Lambeth Conference (Minutes & Reports)
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    The document may be found in the following formats and locations. Original print editions of most of these scanned texts are available in the Anglican Centre in Rome or the Lambeth Palace Library.
  • The Emmaus Report. A Report of the Anglican Ecumenical Consultation, 1987 (London: Church House Publishing, 1987)