Papers relating to Anglican-Roman [Catholic] consultation on the ordination of women

Papers relating to an Anglican-Roman consultation meeting on the ordination of women held at Versailles 27 Feb-3 March 1978, including:
letter from Christian Howard to Archbishop Edward W. Scott asking for clarification of his thoughts on women’s ordination (f.1); letter from Canon David Paton about discussions at Limuru (f.2); request to Donald Arden, Archbishop of Central Africa for details of the Synod of the Province of Central Africa, 1976, relating to the ordination of women, with reply (ff.6, 8-12); Christian Howard’s report on the consultation with a covering letter to Stuart Blanch, Archbishop of York (ff.18-23); Secretariat for Promoting Christian Unity reactions to the consultation and negotiations on its dissemination, with drafts and covering letters (ff.25-56); Bishop Howe’s covering letter to the Primates of the Anglican Communion (f.58); copy of the Report (ff.59-62); press-cuttings (ff.67-73).

Correspondents include: Revd. Christopher Hill (passim); Revd. Professor James Griffiss (f.3); Christian Howard (ff.4-5, 14-15, 17); Bishop John Howe (ff.7, 26-29, 34-36, 41-43); Revd. Professor Edward W. Fasholé-Luke (f.16); Revd. William A. Norgren (f.24); Monsignor W.A. Purdy (ff.25, 31, 37, 56); Monsignor Ramon Torrella (ff.28-29, 35-36, 41-43, 46-48); Fr. Pierre Duprey (f.30); Fr. John Hotchkin (f.45); Revd. Lister Tonge (ff.64-65).

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"Papers relating to Anglican-Roman [Catholic] consultation on the ordination of women", CFR-RC-55.

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