Letter to the Primates of the Anglican Communion

A series of drafts of a covering letter from Bishop John Howe and the Anglican Consultative Council to the Primates and provinces of the Anglican Communion. These drafts attempt to include Bishop Torrella’s concerns regarding paragraph 6 of the Versailles Report, as well as the agreed elements of a clarifying note from the Roman Catholic members of the consultation. The ACC was acting under a time constraint to send the finished Versaille Report to the member churches before the Primates gathered for the ACC meeting.

Author(s): John Howe
Dated: 30 June 1978
Protocol: CFR-RC-55-58
Persistent link: https://iarccum.org/doc/?d=1357
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John Howe. "Letter to the Primates of the Anglican Communion", CFR-RC-55-58 (30 June 1978). https://iarccum.org/doc/?d=1357.