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Telephone message given to Bishop John Howe

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Author(s): Christopher J. Hill
Dated: 18 May 1978

Protocol number: CFR-RC-55-40
Fonds/Collections: CFR (Working correspondence)
Lambeth Library: CFR/6/3/1/55

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Christopher J. Hill. "Telephone message given to Bishop John Howe", CFR-RC-55-40 (18 May 1978). Anglican-Roman Catholic Dialogue, accessed 16 Oct. 2021.
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Note of a telephone message given to Bishop Howe by AFT [Anne Tyler] at the request of CJH [Christopher Hill]


Christopher Hill telephoned Bill Purdy back at Bishop Howe’s request on 17th May. Fr. Duprey will be asked to go to the ACC office on Tuesday morning next. This can be confirmed when Bishop Howe sees Fr. Duprey at the World Confessional Families meeting on Monday.

Bill Purdy quoted to Christopher Hill the draft appended note. Christopher Hill noted that it did not correspond with the terms of reference of the Consultation. Bill will look into it and agrees that if it is wrong it must be changed.