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CFR-RC-53 ~ Background for the Versailles Consultation

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Protocol: CFR-RC-53
Lambeth Library: CFR/6/3/1/53

ARCCOW (Miscellaneous documents)

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Copyright in minutes, statements and other core papers is owned by the respective Commission. Requests for extensive quotation or use should be directed to the co-Chairs. Copyright in papers by named authors remains with the author.

Papers relating to an Anglican-Roman consultation meeting on the ordination of women held at Versailles Feb-March 1978, including: list of delegates; pencil notes (by the Revd. Christopher Hill?) of the meeting (ff.1-42); briefing papers including “The Anglican Experience of Authority” by James E. Griffiss, Professor of Theology, Nashotah House (ff.43-49), and “The Imperative of Intercommunion” by James E. Griffiss in “Nashotah Review” vol.13, no.1 (ff.50-55); bibliography of material on the ordination of women (ff.56-63); copy of Report of Actions taken by the Anglican Church of Canada relating to the Ordination of Women to the Presbyterate”, 30 June 1976, and other comments by Archbishop Edward W. Scott (ff.64-74); Report of the Pontifical Biblical Commission, appendix 1 of “Sexism and Church Law” ed. J. Coriden (1977) (ff.75-84).

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