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Papers leading up to the Versailles Consultation, 1975-1977

A collection of documents from the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Counsellors on Foreign Relations dealing with Roman Catholic Relations. CFR-RC-52 consists of 81 pages of supplemental documents not otherwise included in the ARCCOW collection.

Papers relating to an Anglican-Roman consultation meeting on the ordination of women held at Versailles 27 Feb.-3 March 1978, including: correspondence between Donald Coggan, Archbishop of Canterbury and Pope Paul VI on Anglican moves towards the ordination of women (ff.1-3); subsequent discussions leading to the setting up of an Anglican-Roman Catholic ‘consultation’ prior to the Lambeth Conference 1978; article in “News from the Church of Finland” no. 1, 2 Feb. 1976, on the ordination of women (ff.14-15); copies of a published letter on the ministry of women in ECUSA and a paper by the Revd. HervĂ©-Marie Legrand O.P. sent by the Revd. William Norgren (ff.36-48); copies of Anglican decisions and reports on the ordination of women to the priesthood (ff.68-77).

Correspondents include: Revd. Christopher Hill (passim); Bishop John Howe (ff.4, 16, 18, 25-29, 34, 52, 55-57, 60, 65, 79); Archbishop Coggan (ff.16, 18-20, 32); Derek Pattinson (ff.10-11); Cardinal Willebrands (ff.19-20); Dr. Harry Reynolds Smythe (ff.21-22); Monsignor Charles Moeller (ff.24, 32); Monsignor W.A. Purdy (ff.31, 34-35, 55-56, 60, 78); Fr. Pierre Duprey (ff.52-53, 57); the Revd. Bernard Kenny (f.54); Rt. Revd. Barry Valentine, Bishop of Rupert’s Land (f.67); Christian Howard (ff.79-81).

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"Papers leading up to the Versailles Consultation, 1975-1977", CFR-RC-52.

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