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CFR-RC-52-9 ~ Note on meeting with Bishop Howe

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Protocol: CFR-RC-52-9
Dated: 20 Jan. 1976
Lambeth Library: CFR/6/3/1/52

CFR, (Minutes & Reports)

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Michael Moore ~ 20 Jan. 1976
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This morning I went over to see Bishop Howe. We talked for an hour about possibilities for an Ecumenical Consultation on the Ordination of Women but without reaching any conclusions. We were not yet able to disentangle whether this should be English or Pan-Anglican, or whether it should deal with the fundamental “Yes or No” question, or with the more consequential “Yes and No – How?”. Bishop Howe was also not sure how far what BMU and CFR were proposing was necessarily an answer to the brief from the General Synod last July or from the Informal Talks in Rome last November when it had primarily been a question of an Anglican/Roman Catholic consultation.