Letter to Rev. Christopher Hill
CFR-RC-52 - p. 21

handwritten letter with marginalia

Author(s): Harry Smythe
Dated: 10 Feb. 1976
Protocol: CFR-RC-52 – p. 21
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Harry Smythe. "Letter to Rev. Christopher Hill", CFR-RC-52 – p. 21 (10 Feb. 1976). https://iarccum.org/doc/?d=738.


10 . II. 76

[marginalia: “await … Bp Ramsey letter comes”]

Dear Christopher,

Thank you for your two telephone calls. I have advised Mgr Purdy and the First Secretary of the British Legation (the Minister is still in London), according to your wishes. I am requesting an audience for myself on March 23rd or 24th in order to present Bishop Ramsey’s letter to the Pope.

Mgr Purdy expressed the view that, on tactical grounds, it would seem best to release the Pope’s letter to the Archbishop (on the ordination of women) as a whole. He sees no reason why the section on the twelve Apostles should lead to more criticism than any other part of it, and does not share Bishop Howe’s reserves on this point (as mentioned by you to me in your conversation). Mgr Purdy said that the release of that letter requires no Vatican permission. It was not confidential in the sense that its contents should not be disclosed.

With all good wishes,

Yours sincerely,