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Draft texts of the Versailles Statement

A series of draft texts prepared 2-3 March 1978 on the basis of ARCCOW-7. According to a clarifying note, at the Consultation’s request Mgr. Purdy prepared a fourth draft integrating proposed revisions and circulated it with the designation 8G. This appears in the Lambeth Library file as pp. 103-104. However, before departing Versailles, the 8F draft was amended by the Consultation and its revision was also designated 8G (pp. 99-101). Finally, a compilation of the two was prepared by Rev. C. Hill, co-secretary and it too bears the designation 8G (pp. 105-107 in the Lamberth file). The Hill compilation is identical in content to ARCCOW-9 and the final Versailles Statement.

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"Draft texts of the Versailles Statement", ARCCOW-8 (Versailles, 3 Mar. 1978).

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