Pope Francis wants WCC assembly that strengthens bonds between churches

1 September 2022 • Persistent link: iarccum.org/?p=4259

Pope Francis, sent greetings to the World Council of Churches 11th Assembly as it opened.

The Pope wished the representatives of the churches at the 31 August to 8 September assembly “a meaningful and fruitful meeting that deepens and strengthens the bonds of communion between the Churches and the ecumenical organizations present.”

The pontiff said in advance greetings that he has a “pastoral interest in the work of the Assembly.”

Pope Francis also noted that the Catholic Church has sent “delegated observers” to WCC assemblies since the WCC 3rd Assembly took place in New Delhi in 1961.

“I am glad that a delegation is also present this year, a sign of the strong relationship between the Catholic Church and the World Council of Churches that has consolidated over time,” the Pope said.

Francis referenced the assembly theme, “Christ’s love moves the world to reconciliation and unity.” He said Christians must have a common witness to the Gospel to address injustice and division in the world, not only among churches but also among religions, cultures, peoples, nations, and the entire human family.

“Our mission as Christians is to bring the fulfilment of this reconciliation to the world, with the Church being the instrument and visible sign of the unity to which God calls all people,” Francis said.

The Pope addressed unity among the world’s churches as necessary for reconciliation in other areas. “Reconciliation among Christians is the fundamental prerequisite for the credible mission of the Church,” he explained. “Ecumenism and Mission belong together and interrelate.”