Delegates for Dialogue

5 November 1966 • Persistent link:

from The Tablet archive:

An Anglican-Catholic joint preparatory commission for dialogue between the two Churches has now been set up, in keeping with the common declaration made in Rome by Pope Paul and the Archbishop of Canterbury last March: in this the Pope and the Archbishop said they intended to inaugurate a serious dialogue covering not merely theological matters such as scripture, tradition and liturgy but also matters of practical difficulty felt on either side.

The Catholic members of the commission are:
Bishop Helmsing of Kansas City-St. Joseph, chairman of the US bishops’ commission for relations with the Protestant Episcopal Church;
Bishop Gomes, auxiliary of Bombay, co-chairman of the ecumenical commission of the Indian bishops’ conference;
Bishop Fox, auxiliary of Menevia;
Fr. Louis Bouyer;
Fr. Georges Tavard, A.A., consultor to the Secretariat for Promoting Christian Unity;
Fr. Charles Davis, professor of dogmatic theology, Heythrop, and editor of the Clergy Review;
Fr. John Keating, secretary of the English section of the Canadian bishops’ commission on ecumenism;
Fr. Adrian Hastings, on the staff of Kipalapala seminary, Tabora, Tanzania;
Bishop Willebrands, secretary of the Secretariat for Promoting Christian Unity;
and as secretary to the commission Canon W. A. Purdy, of the Secretariat for Promoting Christian Unity.

The Anglicans are headed by the Bishop of Ripon, Dr. J. R. H. Moorman, who was the senior Anglican observer at the Council, and include:
Canon James Atkinson, of Hull University;
Canon Eric Kemp, of Oxford;
Professor Howard Root, of Southampton University;
Dr. W. G. H. Simon, Bishop of Llandaff;
Dr. Massey H. Shepherd, Jr., of Church Divinity School of the Pacific, USA;
Professor Eugene R. Fairweather, of Trinity College, Toronto;
Dr. C. H. W. de Soysa, Bishop of Colombo;
and Dr. E. G. Knapp-Fisher, Bishop of Pretoria.

The Anglican secretaries are Canon John Findlow, the Archbishop of Canterbury’s representative at Rome, and Canon John R. Satterthwaite, general secretary of the Church of England Council on Foreign Relations and the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Commission on Roman Catholic Relations.