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Bp. Alan C. (Charles) Clark (1919-2002)

ARCIC-I (Co-Chair, 1970-1981)

Priest, 1945; Curate, St Philip’s, Arundel, 1945-46; postgraduate studies, Rome, 1946-48; Doctorate in Theology, Gregorian University, Rome, 1948; Tutor in Philosophy, English College, Rome, 1948-53, Vice-Rector, 1954-64; Parish Priest, St Mary’s, Blackheath, SE3, 1965-69; Auxiliary Bishop of Northampton, 1969-76; Titular Bishop of Elmham, 1969-76. Peritus at Second Vatican Council, 1962-65; Co-Chair, ARCIC, 1969-81 (Lambeth Cross); Roman Catholic Bishop of East Anglia, 1976-94; Chairman, Department for Mission and Unity, Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, 1984-94; Co-Moderator, Joint Working Group of the Roman Catholic Church and the World Council of Churches, 1984-?.