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ARCIC-201 ~ Note to accompany ARCIC-199 and ARCIC-200

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Protocol: ARCIC-201
Dated: 19 Jan. 1979
Lambeth Library: ARCIC/1/201

ARCIC-I (Communiqués & Press Releases)

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Henry McAdoo and Alan C. Clark ~ 19 Jan. 1979
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The Commission has received many suggestions and criticisms concerning its three Agreed Statements. During the last two years these comments have been carefully studied and they have greatly assisted the Commission in clarifying various points for the benefit of the readers of these documents.

The Commission believes that it owes to its correspondents a provisional reply to these criticisms without waiting for the final report which it must present to its respective authorities. This, together with a reply to comments received on the Venice document on authority (1976), constitutes the Commission’s present work and will include an attempt to treat the questions left unanswered in paragraph 24 of the statement on Authority in the Church.

The elucidations express the unanimous view of the Commission on the intention and meaning of the documents. These latter should therefore be taken in conjunction with the two Agreed Statements as expressing the mind of the Commission on these two fundamental questions.

H.R. McAdoo
Archbishop of Dublin

Alan C. Clark
Bishop of East Anglia