New Stories to Tell: Living Ecumenism Today

Status of agreed statements:
Agreed statements have been agreed by the dialogue members and submitted to the sponsoring churches for study. These texts express the careful considerations of the members of the dialogue but are not official statements of either of the churches.

In over fifty years of formal ecumenical dialogue, Anglicans and Roman Catholics have come a long way in terms of the agreement in faith that exists between our two churches. And yet, at the grassroots, often these breakthroughs are not that widely known. The official reports and agreed statements sometimes end up simply gathering dust on library shelves. We think that should change. And we believe that part of that change can come by telling some new stories. These are true stories of Anglican and Roman Catholic connections and partnerships in the real world, made possible by what the ecumenical movement has achieved. It brings texts to life in the lives of real people and places. We hope you enjoy them, and that hearing these stories may inspire you to create your own new stories where you live as well.

Author(s): ARC-Canada
Dated: 2018
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Anglican-Roman Catholic Dialogue of Canada. "New Stories to Tell: Living Ecumenism Today" (2018).

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Chapter I — Finding Family: Learning Christ Together again
Chapter II — A continual prayer: interchurch families
Chapter III — “En Famille”: Ecumenical hospitality
Chapter IV — Breakfast table ecumenism: From friendship to action
Chapter V — Neighbours in faith: Welcoming the stranger
Chapter VI — Homeless and poor: Faith in action
Chapter VII — Being church together: On the way to unity
Chapter VIII — Signing on to unity: Creating and living into a covenant
Chapter IX — Together once more: Unity in prayer
Chapter X — Hearing the same call: A shared charism
Chapter XI — Gifts to be given: Mary?
Chapter XII — Bridges not walls: Transformed through dialogue
Chapter XIII — Difficult conversations: Ecumenical communication
Chapter XIV — Widening the conversation: Multilateral dialogue
Chapter XV — Signs of unity: Sharing in “episcope”
Chapter XVI — Laudato si’: A prophetic primacy
Chapter XVII — The gospel jamboree: Singing a new song