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Can the Roman Catholic and Anglican Churches be Reconciled? A Short Enquiry Course
CTS Do575

This short question and answer study course introduces Anglican and Roman Catholic relations to the enquirer. In 15 pages, plus an appendix and bibliography, the booklet poses 19 questions with a brief response and a discussion topic. This course would be suitable for a small group study gathering members from neighbouring parishes.

The booklet is co-published by Catholic Truth Society (no. Do575, ISBN 0 85183 678 X) and SPCK (ISBN 0 281 04293 4).

Author(s): Edward Yarnold, SJ
Dated: 1986

Protocol number: CTS Do575
Fonds/Collections: English ARC (Resources)
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The document may be found in the following formats and locations. Original print editions of most of these scanned texts are available in the Anglican Centre in Rome or the Lambeth Palace Library.