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The Ordination of Women to the Priesthood: Further Report
GS Misc 198

A background paper prepared by Christian Howard for the General Synod. This paper contains material reflecting developments subsequent to the General Synod’s 1978 debate on ordination of women. Readers are referred to her earlier reports GS 104 (1972) and GS Misc 88 (1978).

Author(s): Christian Howard
Dated: Sept. 1984

Protocol number: GS Misc 198
Fonds/Collections: Church of England (Minutes & Reports)

To cite this document:
Christian Howard. "The Ordination of Women to the Priesthood: Further Report", GS Misc 198 (Sept. 1984). Anglican-Roman Catholic Dialogue.


List of Contents

I. Historical Introduction
II. The Present State of the Debate
III. The Changed Situation in England
IV. Developments with the Anglican Communion
V. The Ecumenical Evidence
VI. What is the Debate About? The Ordination of Women or …?
VII. Two Further Issues Considered
VIII. Legal Aspects
IX. How does the Church of England Live with the Debate?

Appendix I: Statement by the Archbishop of Canterbury (Dr. F.D. Coggan) to General Synod, 20 February 1979

Appendix II: Versailles Consultation (GS Misc 85 and 85a)

Appendix III: Extracts from a Report of a Special Meeting of the Anglican Orthodox Joint Doctrinal Commission: July 1978 (GS Misc 86)

Appendix IV: Extracts from Women in Training: A Report of a Working Party set up by Women Staff Members of Theological Colleges and Courses, (ACCM Paper No. 14, 1983)

Appendix V: Appendix to Report of the Revision Committee, Draft Women Ordained Abroad Measure (GS 598Y)