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Joint Schools: A Discussion Document on Ecumenical Education

Education remains a central concern of both the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church. Their commitment has been sustained through large financial sacrifice to ensure that Christian values remain integral to our children’s nurture.

The two communions have recently been learning to set aside rivalry and to co-operate in practice on the basis of profound understanding. Loyalty to the truth without compromise can go with mutual recognition. Is there sufficient common ground in religious education, admission or staffing policies to advance beyond the defensiveness of the past? Can the Churches work together to offer a Christian alternative to secular humanism?

This pamphlet is by an Anglican and a Roman Catholic with experience of joint Christian comprehensive schools. It highlights potential pitfalls and the prerequisites for success. Here is the basis for further discussion in an important area.

Author(s): Priscilla Chadwick and Maria Gladwell
Dated: 1987
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Priscilla Chadwick and Maria Gladwell. "Joint Schools: A Discussion Document on Ecumenical Education" (1987).

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  • Joint Schools: A Discussion Document (Norwich, Norfolk: Canterbury Press; Leominster, Herefordshire: Fowler Wright Books, 1987).
    ISBN: 0907547958 (Canterbury Press); 0852441142 (Fowler Wright Books)