Message to the People of God
Author(s): ARC-Brazil
Dated: 22 Mar. 2001
Event: ARC-Brazil, São Paulo, 21-22 March 2001
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ARC-Brazil. "Message to the People of God" (São Paulo, 22 Mar. 2001).

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I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly (John 10:10)

In the merciful love of Christ the Good Shepherd, we, Bishops of the Church, Anglican and Roman Catholic, met to continue the dialogue which our Communities have brought together at the national and international level.

We feel moved by the will of our Master and Shepherd to search, in humility and confidence, for the path of reconciliation, in order to bear witness to the Gospel of Life, dignity and hope, to contemporary humanity.

We placed ourselves before the Lord, in an attitude of penitence and seeking His pardon, for two days of prayer and reflection in which we sought to live a common fraternal life, to share experiences of life in Christ, to seek a deeper understanding of authority in the service of the Church and to define some lines of joint action.

It is our understanding that the Ecumenical Movement is fed by the witness of the Good Shepherd who stands in solidarity with those whose dignity is in any way harmed, or who find themselves excluded from the banquet of life. It is from this understanding that our common commitment to service and the restoration and promotion of human dignity and peace is born.

With humility, we wish to offer our experience of fraternal encounter as an incentive to seek, without ceasing, the unity of the People of God. The dialogue between Churches transforms us into messengers of hope for women and men of our time.

Confronted by the cry of humanity, suffering the evils which result from the present model of a globalised economy, we feel an urgency in our mission to proclaim, in deed and word, the lordship of God who involves us in the preservation of the integrity of creation and to the fulfilment of the human person in communion and solidarity.

To all, sisters and brothers, we wish peace and every goodness in the Lord Jesus.

Anglican Bishops

Dom Almir dos Santos, Anglican Diocese of Brasilia
Dom Celso Franco de Oliveira, Anglican Diocese of Rio de Janeiro
Dom Glauco Soares de Lima, Anglican Diocese of São Paulo & Primate
Dom Jubal Pereira Neves, South-Western Diocese
Dom Naudal Alves Gomes, South-Western Diocese – Suffragan Bishop
Dom Orlando Santos de Oliveira, Southern Diocese
Dom Robinson Cavalcanti, Anglican Diocese of Recife
Dom Sebastião A. Gameleira Soares, Anglican Diocese of Pelotas
Dom Sumio Takatsu, Bishop Emeritus

Roman Catholic Bishops

Dom Agostinho Stefan Januszewicz, Diocese of Luziânia, GO
Dom Antônio Celso de Queiroz, Diocese of Catanduva, SP
Dom Antônio Muniz Fernandes, Diocese of Guarabira, PB
Dom João Oneres Marchiori, Diocese of Larges, SC
Dom José Ivo Lorscheiter, Diocese of Santa Maria, RS
Dom José Mário Stroeher, Diocese of Rio Grande, RS
Dom Mauro Morelli, Diocese of Duque de Caxias, RJ
Dom Reinaldo Ernst E.H. Punder, Diocese of Coroatá, MA

São Paulo, 22 March 2001