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Celebrate a Step Toward Unity
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Dated: 4 Oct. 1996
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A covenant developed between the Anglican, Roman Catholic, and Evangelical Lutheran communities in Southern Alberta.

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Celebrate a Step Toward Unity

We the Bishops of the Anglican Diocese of Calgary, the Lutheran Synod of Alberta and the Territories and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary, together with our people and responding to the call of the Spirit are moved to:

  • Celebrate the unity we already possess in Christ our Lord
  • Rejoice in the beauty and value of our various traditions
  • Embrace the vision and consolation of our common faith
  • Travel as companions on this journey towards full and visible unity

We encourage each other to go forward in these and other areas:


  • Be attentive to the Spirit
  • Listen and learn from each other
  • Pray for Unity
  • Worship together
  • Hold common retreats and missions

  • Conduct joint Bible studies
  • Explore each other’s traditions
  • Coordinate marriage preparation
  • Share invited speakers
  • Experience each other’s liturgies

  • Address social issues together
  • Adopt a common code of ethics in pastoral and professional matters
  • Welcome prophetic statements by Bishops, local clergy and congregations

  • Improve communication among our parishes
  • Consult concerning appointments, buildings and projects
  • Explore shared human resources at the regional and parish levels
  • Discover the benefits of working together

  • Consult in planning events
  • Hold shared group activities
  • Share meals and friendship
  • Understand that our lives are ecumenical in their fabric

Covenant Addendum

“What can I do?” To build on the spirit of the Covenant statement, here are some suggestions to get started:


  • Common Services on special occasions:
    • Lent, Holy Week
    • Easter, Pentecost
    • Anniversaries of parishes
  • Common Services of Repentance & Forgiveness
  • Exchanges:
    • Preachers
    • Choirs
    • Liturgical groups (e.g. readers, prayer leaders)
    • Intercessions (especially prayers for unity)
  • Retreats

  • Study and learn together
    • Shared Scripture & lectionary
    • Teacher Training Sessions
    • Training of Laity in worship leadership
  • Marriage preparation
  • Baptismal preparation
  • Organize common clergy study days and prayer
  • Yearly focus on various traditions
  • Stimulate Worship in the home

  • Issue common statements on current public concerns
  • Assist and share in pastoral care
  • Counter social problems such as injustice, poverty, prejudice, or discrimination
  • Take action against violence in the family

  • Wherever possible share human resources and facilities
  • Take advantage of combined purchase power for services & supplies
  • Appoint 3 person teams (Anglican/Roman Catholic/Lutheran) to support implementation of this proposal. Suggest budget be allocated to encourage local initiatives
  • Provide and encourage joint professional development days for clergy, office staff, synodical and diocesan staff

  • Share activities for groups, parish councils & committees
  • Coordinate calendar of events
  • Share youth events
  • Issue invitations to induction/installation of new clergy
  • Have fun together!

It is understood that whatever is happening at one level will be mirrored at all levels of the church community. From the pews to the Bishops’ offices, each of us has a role in deepening our understanding and working together.

Relying on the kindness and compassion of God our Father,
Enjoying the close companionship of Jesus, friend and brother,
Living in the power of the comforting Spirit,
We now begin our journey.

October 4, 1996