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On the appointment of a Canadian envoy to the Vatican
Author(s): Anglican Church of Canada
Dated: 17 Jan. 1969
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Anglican Church of Canada. "On the appointment of a Canadian envoy to the Vatican" (17 Jan. 1969).

Committee on Anglican-Roman Catholic Relations:

The primate of the Anglican Church of Canada has asked national church officials to establish a committee to recommend a church policy regarding Prime Minister Trudeau’s suggestion that an envoy be appointed to the Vatican.

Officials of the National and World Program division at the church’s national office have been asked to meet with a committee on Anglican-Roman Catholic relations, established by both denominations, and establish a task force to reconsider the Anglican church’s stand which has remained unchanged for 20 years.

In 1949, delegates to the national synod passed a motion which stated that it “expresses its disapproval of the proposal to appoint a Canadian ambassador or minister to the Vatican because such an appointment would constitute a breach of the principle of equality of all religious communions in their relations with the state which is essential in the preservation of harmony in Canada.”

Most Rev. H.H. Clark, primate, emphasized that a much closer relationship has developed between the two denominations since the resolution was passed. If a recommendation does come to the primate, it may be passed on for consideration by the next national synod which meets in August this year in Sudbury.