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Anglican-Roman Catholic Eucharistic Statement – Memorial from the Diocese of Rupert’s Land

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Dated: May 1973

Anglican Church of Canada (Minutes & Reports)

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General Synod, May 1973:

That this Synod receive the following Memorial from the Diocese of Rupert’s Land regarding Anglican-Roman Catholic Agreement on Eucharistic Doctrine and refer it to the Doctrine and Worship Committee and the Inter-Church Relations Committee for information:

‘Be it resolved that it is the opinion of the Synod of the Diocese of Rupert’s Land that there is nothing in the document entitled “Anglican-Roman Catholic Agreement on the Eucharist 1971” contrary to the beliefs of the Anglican Church of Canada as understood and received by us. It is the hope and prayer of this Synod that our fellow Anglicans, together with the Christians of the Roman Catholic tradition, will find it similarly acceptable so that we may move further forward on the road to unity within the Body of Christ.’