Report to House of Bishops on Anglican-Roman Catholic Relations
Author(s): Anglican Church of Canada
Dated: 1 Nov. 1975
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Anglican Church of Canada. "Report to House of Bishops on Anglican-Roman Catholic Relations" (1 Nov. 1975).

House of Bishops, Fifth Session
Saturday, November 1, 1975, 1:45pm

Resolution: “That this House express its appreciation to Bishop Hill for his report.” CARRIED

Prologue: Bishop Hill reported on a meeting of eight Roman Catholic and eight Anglican Bishops which had taken place in October, 1975 in Toronto. Bishop Hill said there was discussion of the ARCIC Agreed Statement on the Eucharist and also some discussion on the Ordination to the Priesthood, including the Ordination of Women to the Priesthood. Also included on the agenda was a discussion of the Berger Commission report on aboriginal land claims, and Christian Initiation. Bishop Hill said that the group attended Evensong at St. James Cathedral and Mass at St. Michael’s Cathedral, Toronto.

He reported a clear desire had been expressed by the Bishops to continue discussions on an enlarged basis and suggested that the initiative for further encounters would need to be taken by the Anglican Church, through the Canadian Catholic conference. Bishop Hill expressed the strong hope that conversations will be held regionally and that they be the result of local initiative. Bishop Hill said that the Task Force on Anglican/Roman Catholic Relations is to meet November 13th, and requested the Bishops to inform him or the Reverend James Boyles of items of interest and concern for this group.