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The Ordained Ministry in Ecumenical Perspective

The World Council of Churches’ Secretariat on Faith and Order held an international consultation on the Ordained Ministries at Marseilles in September 1972. The following draft was offered for study and comment. A revised draft was prepared for the next meeting of the Faith and Order Commission in 1974. This study process culminated in 1982 in the convergence document Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry.

Author(s): WCC F&O
Dated: 1972
Event date: Poringland, Norwich, England, 11-15 June 1973 (ARCIC: Poringland Sub-Commission on Ministry)

Protocol number: ARCIC-66
Fonds/Collections: ARCIC-I (Study papers), WCC F&O (Draft texts & Schema)
Lambeth Library: ARCIC/1/66
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