Elucidations: Eucharistic Doctrine. Ministry and Ordination

The Salisbury meeting in January 1979 issued two documents clarifying issues arising from the earlier ARCIC documents from Windsor 1971 on Eucharist and Canterbury 1973 on Ministry and Ordination. The “elucidations” were published together in pamphlet form. They were later collected together with other work of ARCIC in The Final Report, sent to the sponsoring churches in 1981.

Author/editor(s): ARCIC-I
Date: 20 Jan. 1979
Event: ARCIC: Elucidations on Eucharist and Ministry, Salisbury, 12-20 January 1979
Protocol: ARCIC 206
Persistent link: https://iarccum.org/doc/?d=639
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Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission I. Elucidations: Eucharistic Doctrine. Ministry and Ordination, ARCIC 206 (20 Jan. 1979). https://iarccum.org/doc/?d=639.

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