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Letter to the Participants of the Twelfth Lambeth Conference of the Anglican Communion

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Dated: 12 July 1988

John Paul II (Letters, addresses, & greetings)

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John Paul II ~ 12 July 1988
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Letter of the Holy Father John Paul II
to the Participants of the Twelfth
Lambeth Conference of the Anglican Communion

To His Grace
the Most Reverend Dr. Robert Runcie
Archbishop of Canterbury

As the bishops of the Anglican Communion assemble for the Twelfth Lambeth Conference I wish to greet the participants fraternally in Christ our Lord.

Be assured for my prayers that the grace of the Holy Spirit will assist and guide you, both in your deliberations and in the resolutions that will be made in the light of them.

I was pleased to learn that the question of Christian Unity is to assume a prominent place on your agenda and I express the fervent hope that your Assembly will prove to be a positive step on the way to unity. There can be no doubt that the ecumenical movements is a grace of God for our times, and we must thank God for the wonders he has already worked in this connection. At the same time, conscious of the difficulties that prevent us from reaching that full communion for which Our Lord prayed and anxious lest new obstacles arise, we likewise pray to be ever more faithful to this grace, so that the works of the Lord may be fulfiled in us.

From the Vatican, 12 July 1988.